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Video Conference eLearning

Take part in virtual classroom workshops and be supported by online capsules available for a full year. At the rate of one workshop per week interspersed with the viewing of the capsules, you will have access to an instructor as well as the most advanced concepts to develop your full potential and ensure increased productivity at the end of the first workshop!
  • Learn online while still being part of a group.
  • Live interaction with the teacher.
  • A good alternative to in-person classes.

Team Masterclass

The whole nine yards! Enjoy a group workshop in our virtual classrooms, online capsules available for a year and a one-on-one meeting with an expert. At the rate of one workshop per week interspersed with the viewing of the capsules, you will be able to enjoy a moment of quality completely adapted to your reality.
  • Learn with your business team.
  • In-person classes.
  • Minimum of 6 persons.

WhoIs this program for?

  • Any TEAMS user who desires to be more productive using the application.
  • Team manager who wishes to optimize his team’s work with Microsoft TEAMS.
  • Anyone who has to use a collaborative communication platform when working remotely.

Program overview

Module 1

Teams’s essentials

Learn all the best functionalities to optimize TEAMS’s interface so you become more comfortable with the application.

    • Understand the potential of TEAMS’s interface (live session)
    • Modify your status, preferences and settings
    • Discover all the functionalities of the application
    • Use live conversations to reduce redundant emails

Module 2

Optimized organization In teams

Learn to work in groups, in real time so you can have a better sharing experience and work in your team’s files simultaneously.

    • Manage information efficiently
    • Add basic applications to TEAMS
    • Know how to use the search feature
    • Create an effective structure with best practices
    • Set up teams and share proprietary access with other members

Module 3

Advanced features

Learn the advanced features that maximize interactions between TEAMS and the other Office 365 products.

    • Understand the link between TEAMS calendar with Outlook
    • Create surveys using FORMS application
    • Improve your “in-app” note-taking by using OneNote
    • Use PLANNER app to plan your group’s tasks
    • Discover the potential of other applications like Youtube and Flow

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benefits of this training program

  • Reduce the amount of emails
  • Improve team work
  • Interactive workspace
  • Optimize collaboration
  • Increased efficiency

Program rollout

Program rollout

Reduce internal emails by 30% in the first month following the program by using “Teams Like a Pro”!

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Program coaches

François Sauro

Training and user coaching expert since 2008, François’s experience working with big companies helped him develop an accessible and practical approach that allows him to offer the best online and in-class learning experience.

Geoffroy Chapleau

Excel training expert since 2013 and business process improvement consultant, Geoffroy owns a degree in HR and accounting. His diverse backgrounds make it easy for him to connect with students and his expertise leads them to achieve impressive results.

Benoît Parent

With 28 years of experience in the public field and 6 years working for Apple Canada as a training expert, Benoît’s passion is contagious and makes him the perfect mentor to guide you through your learning process.


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