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eLearning at Your Own Pace

For self-taught people who like to learn at their own pace and according to their schedule, our video capsules are the ideal tool. An expert demonstrating the most useful concepts to know about the best tools of professionals in short video capsules. Experience adapted to your reality by controlling the rhythm of the capsules to take the time to test or even by reviewing the videos. Available for a full year, you will have access to an expert at all times!
  • Learn by watching our video courses when it’s most convenient for you.
  • Simple and easy to follow along.
  • Get a link by email and get started!

Virtual conference

Take advantage of live meetings with a trainer to develop your knowledge. An expert completely available to all participants, where efficient and structured workshops will offer you a rich experience. This experience is only in a group, without the self-taught portion. Check the availability of the hybrid format for a perfect mix!

WhoIs this program for?

  • Professionals of any level organization challenges of email management.
  • Active or to-be users of Google Suite.
  • Managers, coordinators, directors, CEOs of VSB and SMB, senior management.

Program overview

Module 1

gmail essentials

Improve the use of your inbox with a configuration that will make you gain efficiency in your daily management.

    • Professionally set up your inbox
    • Learn the best practices for email management
    • Take control of your inbox
    • Understand the difference between labels and archive
    • Use the preview pane and other writing tricks

Module 2

Email lifecycle and Organizing tips

Learn an efficient and simple way to use your applications’ main functions so you can develop a mobile workflow.

    • Learn the best sequence of email management
    • Smartly use filters to avoid stockpiling
    • Elaborate the hierarchy of labeled folders
    • Discover the best classification tips

Module 3

Intro To tasks and calendar

Increase your professionalism in your use of the calendar and organize your workflow to simplify your to-do list.

    • Create appointments efficiently
    • Verify the availability of your participants
    • Learn the basics of Hangout and Meet
    • Use the tasks so you don’t miss any follow-up
    • Display a video presentation label

Module 4

Collaboration With drive And keep

Elaborate a simple structure to manage your documents in the Drive. Understand the difference between your drive, the team’s drive and the “shared with me” section.

    • Create, import and export documents
    • Share with CBC or others
    • Manage security levels of your shared documents
    • Collaborate and take notes with Keep

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benefits of this training program

  • Ease the brain
  • Increased effficiency
  • Simplified teamwork
  • Reduce oversights
  • Better organization

Program rollout

Program rollout

Increase your efficiency by mastering the key elements of Gmail, Tasks, Keep and Calendar!

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What our clients have to say

Program coaches

Benoît Parent

With 28 years of experience in the public field and 6 years working for Apple Canada as a training expert, Benoît’s passion is contagious and makes him the perfect mentor to guide you through your learning process.


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