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Your mission in this online program

Learn or remember the basics of this powerful tool. This first module will allow you to solidify the foundations of your use and thus reduce your research time, your questions and pitfalls. Your tables, reports and your organization will only be improved.
  • Module 1 - Discover the Excel interface
  • Module 2 - Basic formulas and functions
  • Module 3 - Data management
  • Module 4 - Sheet Management
This training is in capsule format only

WhoIs this program for?

  • Anyone who wants to improve their efficiency with Excel.
  • Anyone who aspires to become a more advanced Excel user.
  • Users who do data entry.
  • Users who need to modify existing documents.

Program overview

Module 1

Fundamentals Of excel

Learn to become familiar with Excel interface and master the basic tools. Become efficient and comfortable solving frequent problems or issues.

    • Understand data entry in Excel
    • Be comfortable with the interface’s display and dashboards
    • Save documents in different formats
    • Use the different items in the ribbon
    • Learn to make basic formulas
    • Learn how to use simple tools like sorting, filters, etc.

Module 2

excel’s essentials

Master certain concepts and analyzing tools like pivot tables and dynamic charts which will be essential throughout your use of the application.

    • Master advanced filters
    • Learn to use dynamic pivot tables
    • Create simple charts
    • Use SOMME.ENS() and SI() fonctions
    • Use conditional formatting to better visualize your data

Module 3

Intermediate level

Learn references more in depth and use fonctions that enables you to solve more complex problems. You’ll gain a better understanding of the links, the account manager and Solver tool.

    • Master structured references functions
    • Create more complex and reusable models
    • Learn more advanced functions like INDEX()
    • Link Excel to PowerPoint
    • Develop creative thinking to solve problems

Module 4

Advanced level

Discover new tools that will allow you to work rapidly even with a really high amount of data. You’ll manipulate matrix formulas and learn de basics of VBA programming.

    • Bring your use of pivot tables to another level with Power Pivot
    • Learn a new language of formulas (DAX) to manage high data volume
    • Link and consolidate information from multiple sources in tables
    • Do magic by combining different functions with your knowledge of matrix calculation
    • Become comfortable using the developer tab as well as the VBA interface

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benefits of this training program

  • Facilitated decision-making
  • Good asset for business
  • Improved skills
  • High level of accuracy
  • Increased productivity

Program rollout


Level Module Subject Duration Format
Beginner Module 1 Fundamentals Of excel 5 x 2 hours
Module 2 excel’s essentials 5 hours
Intermediate Module 3 Intermediate level
5 x 2 hours
5 hours
Advanced Module 4 Advanced level
5 x 2 hours
8 hours

Learn to improve your efficiency and level of comfort in Excel so you become a Pro at data management!

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Program coaches

Geoffroy Chapleau

Excel training expert since 2013 and business process improvement consultant, Geoffroy owns a degree in HR and accounting. His diverse backgrounds make it easy for him to connect with students and his expertise leads them to achieve impressive results.


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