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Video Conference eLearning

Take part in virtual classroom workshops and be supported by online capsules available for a full year. At the rate of one workshop per week interspersed with the viewing of the capsules, you will have access to an instructor as well as the most advanced concepts to develop your full potential and ensure increased productivity at the end of the first workshop!
  • Learn online while still being part of a group.
  • Live interaction with the teacher.
  • A good alternative to in-person classes.

Team Masterclass

The whole nine yards! Enjoy a group workshop in our virtual classrooms, online capsules available for a year and a one-on-one meeting with an expert. At the rate of one workshop per week interspersed with the viewing of the capsules, you will be able to enjoy a moment of quality completely adapted to your reality.
  • Learn with your business team.
  • In-person classes.
  • Minimum of 6 persons.

WhoIs this program for?

  • Business professionals who need help with their daily prioritizing and planning tasks.
  • Technology users who wish to optimize their daily workflow.
  • CEO, managers and professionals who want to achieve their goals.

Program overview

Module 1

Clarify your goals

Identify the elements that keep you from being in control of your schedule and reaching your full potential so you can address them and achieve your goals faster.

    • Establish the link between your objectives the time available
    • Integrate the time-budgeting concept to your everyday life
    • Spot the causes of the lack of action and procrastination
    • Reduce time-wasters and use your energy more wisely

Module 2

Be in control of your time

Learn to develop a strategy to better choose your communication tools so you can optimize your work performance and avoid unnecessary stress.

    • Identify the necessary tools to be truly efficient
    • Develop an actual sorting system so you can manage more without being overwhelmed
    • Learn to choose the right communication tools in your daily activities
    • Adapt your business to the technology you already have in place
    • Manage and minimize interruptions at work

Module 3

master technology

Increase (or retrieve) your energy by developing a clear method to articulate and write down your goals and objectives so you can reach them more efficiently.

    • Establish the difference between vision, mission, goal, objective and task.
    • Develop your ability to create goals and objectives with ease
    • Identify required actions to avoid disorganization and confusion
    • Connect your daily actions and efforts to your personal and professional goals

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benefits of this training program

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Avoid forgetfulness
  • Better follow-ups
  • Reduce stress
  • Better performance

Program rollout

Program rollout

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